Product Features

completely automated

Full Campaign Management

When we say "full" we mean it. CACTIVATE is the first solution to fully supercharge the real-time prediction, creation, and optimization of new campaigns, ad sets, and ads. Watch new lookalikes, interests, and audience combinations being generated to deliver the best results.

easily digest performance

Weekly/Monthly Reports

Auto-generated weekly/monthly reports with the most important metrics to help make data-driven decisions on how to improve. Understand the best performing creatives, audiences, interests, and their relation with each other.

engage your whole team

User & Account Management

Seamlessly add more users to CACTIVATE's dashboard and larger ecosystem as you grow your business. Invite your partners and team members to help you create new campaigns, add more creatives, and analyze performance.

analyze your creatives

Smart Creative Testing

Test all of your ideas in bulk and find out what visuals, messaging, and landing pages deliver the best conversions. Upload your raw content to CACTIVATE and we will take care of testing, rotating, and analyzing the performance of your creatives to learn how to answer "why did this ad perform better than the others?"

discuss next steps

Monthly Strategy Calls

Receive a 30 minute monthly consultation to go over your performance the past month. Learn how to read and analyze the data, have your most burning questions answered, and brainstorm ideas for the next month.

What YOu Get

Extra Features

We realize that this is a big decision and that we need to be there for you.
Agency Package
Pixel Installation
Account Audit
Error Reporting
Weekly Email Snapshots
Extra Users
Guided Onboarding
Referral Bonus
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