Introducing CAT

Customer Acquisition Technology (CAT) is an AI trained on $100M+ ad spend and designed to be your world-class ad manager as you scale.

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Campaign Management

Say goodbye to the clunky ads manager.

24/7 campaign management

Cactivate’s streamlined flow allows you to create a campaign in minutes. All you need is 1 ad, 1 audience, 1 objective and you are set!

Ad management

Once your campaigns are live, CAT takes care of the day-to-day management and optimization so you can sit back and relax.

Creative testing

Take advantage of our creative testing feature in order to always stay in trend and avoid any creative fatigue.


The most important insights at your fingertips.

Ad insights

No more guessing when testing new creatives. CAT leverages machine learning to tell you the key common elements of your top performers.

Performance insights

Stay on top of how your store’s Facebook ads are performing. Easily view and keep track of the most important metrics and trends.

Audience insights

Take advantage of our creative testing feature in order to always stay in trend and avoid any creative fatigue.


Finally, actionable scaling strategies and implementation.


Drop in all your creatives and arrange the priority of your tests. See your winners and losers in one place.

Account budget optimization

Forget campaign budgets and set an account level budget for CAT to take over and maximize for your total account ROAS.


All creatives will go through a testing batch to determine whether or not it's a winner. Results are determined by ROAS.

Our performAnce

Stop testing and start earning

30% increase in ROAS

Most of our clients see an average of 30% increase in ROAS within two months. We also factor in other metrics such as Cost-per-Purchase and trend.

99% more affordable

The average marketer and agency charges $6,000/mo and lock you into a 6-12 month contract with a retainer fee and minimum ad spend.

85% are startups

We pride ourselves on being small-medium business friendly. While we work with larger companies, most of our clients are teams of less than 10.

Built to scale

Made for businesses of all sizes


ad spend managed

$50 - $10,000+

daily budget ranges

2 mins

set up duration


Explore our clients

Within two weeks of trying Cactivate, we began to see better ROAS results then our last ad agency did in a month!
ACV Active Gel
Cactivate decreased our CAC by 5x the first month working together. Can't say enough good things about Cactivate and would recommend!
Eat Your Coffee
The platform is easy to use and the learning curve is nearly nonexistent. This is the future of marketing.
Shark Wheel
Cactivate campaigns are working really well and very consistent. I like that the software tests out different interests and LAAs like an agency.
VVS Jewelry
I've tried other A.I. ad platforms and Cactivate is easy to navigate and the results are unmatched.
Butter by Keba
Cactivate outperformed 5 ad agencies and 7 freelancers we tried ever since we started our business. It was hard to believe at first, but it's still happening.

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