How we do it

Meet "CAT"

Meet CACTIVATE’s proprietary machine learning model — CAT (Customer Acquisition Technology). For those of you that are curious, underneath the simple dashboard is a smart, data-driven, and fully automated engine that powers the management and optimization of your Facebook and Instagram ads.

audience prediction

1. Profile Development

CAT takes your audience and creative content to predict, using a special-trained NLP (Natural Language Processing) model, which other audiences are related to the initial one provided by you. The key here is relation, meaning CAT is not confined to any fixed parameter.


2. Deployment

Once CAT has generated a list of audiences, it will create the campaigns, ad sets, and ads automatically within 24 hours. This is achieved by having fully integrated with Facebook's Marketing API as a certified developer.

big data analytics

3. Analyze & Optimize

Once the campaigns are approved and active, CAT monitors your campaign 24/7 to analyze the campaign and audience performance in terms of return on ad spend. Throughout this process, CAT continuously learns more about the types audience targeting strategies (demographics, interests, lookalikes, custom, retargeting, etc) that work well specific to your business.

machine learning

4. We learn from every step

With the findings from "Step 3. Analyze & Optimize," CAT will detect and take the top performing audiences to begin a new round of profile development. Over time, CAT will become the most knowledgable and trustworthy expert on your business and deliver consistent results.

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