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Common Questions

Do you create content?

We don't but we have partnerships with other providers. Reach out to inquire.

Can you help set up?

Setting up is a super easy process. We are happy to get you set up if needed. Sign up to get a kickoff call invitation.

I have a limited budget, will this work for me?

Sure thing! We recommend no less than $100/day on ads but can work with as low as $50/day. Keep in mind that the lower the budget, the slower the process. We don't usually go under $5/day on every ad set, which is why that is the minimum.


Do you do custom/lookalike audience and retargeting?

Can I make changes to the campaign?

You can but we advise against it. The reason is because your changes won't be picked up by Cactivate and it could potentially break the funnel.

I like the Ad Manager format, do I have to use your Dashboard?

For customers who prefer to continue working via the Ad Manager Dashboard, we offer an "import" functionality. This is primarily for importing ads into our Ad Library.

When can I expect results?

On average, we increase Return on Ad Spend by 30% by month 2. Depending on the business, budget, and amount of historical data, some clients may get there quicker than others. We offer a month-to-month subscription, so you will never be locked into an unwilling contract.

Pricing Plans

Are there any base fees?

Yes, please check out our pricing page for more information. Running a business is hard and we're here to be flexible for you whether you're scaling up or down.

What happens if I cancel?

You will be charged any outstanding balances and Cactivate will immediately pause all of your campaigns.

How does it work with other currencies?

We use Stripe to process all payments so we will charge you the % of ad spend in whichever currency your Ad Account is spending.

Are there any discounts or bonuses available?

Inquire if you spend more than $25k/month or have 5+ ad accounts.

Other Questions

Do you do TikTok or Google Ads?

Our team is working hard to integrate TikTok, Google Ads and other platforms. The process does require patience as we want to make sure that we are thoroughly testing for quality and performance. Our goal is to launch on all major platforms including Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, WeChat, TikTok, etc.

Why should I trust an AI?

We understand the hesitation, but ask yourself if a person is capable of analyzing data in real-time to optimize your campaigns? We are strong believers in using AI to deliver better performance. Our in-house team also monitors your performance daily, so there’s no need to worry.

Can I pause Cactivate?

Yes but this also means pausing all ads on Facebook. If you want to manage your own ads then make sure to cancel instead of pausing.

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Already a customer? Visit our helpdesk for more detailed questions and answers.

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