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Common Questions

Do you create content?

Every "Scale" plan comes with 1 image and 1 video per month. Please note that you will be asked to provide the creative strategy if you choose to leverage this feature. In addition, we offer content analytics to help you analyze which one of your creatives work better and why. We recommend that you adopt an iterative design process; let the data tell you what is working well instead of investing heavily upfront for something that might not work.

Can you help set up?

We have a step-by-step video guide on how to onboard and complete the setup. If you prefer us to do it, we can do so for a one-time, small set up fee depending on how far along the process you are. The fee is capped at one-time charge of $99, and is only available for paying clients.

I have a limited budget, will this work for me?

Sure thing! We recommend no less than $100/day on ads but can work with as low as $20/day. Keep in mind that the lower the budget, the slower the process. We don't usually go under $5/day on every ad set, which is why anything less than $20/day would be too limiting.


Do you do custom/lookalike audience and retargeting?

Absolutely! Our sole goal is to deliver you with returns, and all strategies are on the table. The stage of your business and ad account will skew you toward one strategy at first, but we will be using the full playbook at all times.

Can I make changes to the campaign?

You will always have full administrative rights to make changes or start/pause new campaigns. We do highly recommend that all changes are made via our Dashboard as overriding our existing campaigns can cause our algorithm to mistaken it for an error.

I like the Ad Manager format, do I have to use your Dashboard?

For subscribers who prefer to continue working via the Ad Manager Dashboard, we offer an "import" functionality. This syncs with your list of campaigns and allows for you to get get started in minutes

When can I expect results?

On average, we increase Return on Ad Spend by 30% by month 2. Depending on the business, budget, and amount of historical data, some clients may get there quicker than others. We offer a month-to-month subscription, so you will never be locked into an unwilling contract.

Pricing Plans

The price sounds too good to be true, is this a scam?

We can assure you that it is indeed real. The reason we can do what we do for the pricing and flexibility as presented is because most of the optimization is done in real-time by our algorithm. Think high frequency trading for ad buying.

I am an agency, do you offer white-labeling services?

Yes we certainly do! Please check out our pricing page for more details. We service many agencies and have come up with a flexible mix & match plan to service you as best as possible. White-labeling among other features are also available as add-on.

I have a growing store with a scalable budget, can this work?

We offer dynamic budgeting for our "Scale" clients. This allows you to set rules with regard to performance and budgeting. For example, you could set a tiered budgeting system in accordance with ROAS and we'll implement it for you.

Are there any discounts or bonuses available?

All of our yearly subscriptions receive the equivalent for 3 months free. In addition, we also have a referral bonus. If you are satisfied with our service and would like to refer a client, please inquire.

Other Questions

Do you do Google Ads?

Our team is working hard to integrate Google Ads and other platforms. The process does require patience as we want to make sure that we are thoroughly testing for quality and performance. Our goal is to launch on all major platforms including Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, WeChat, TikTok, etc.

Why should I trust an AI?

We understand the hesitation, but ask yourself if a person is capable of analyzing data in real-time to optimize your campaigns? We are strong believers in using AI to deliver better performance. Our in-house team also monitors your performance daily, so there’s no need to worry.

Can I cancel my account plan at any time?

Yup! While we'd be bummed to see you go, all monthly subscribers can cancel their recurring plans at anytime. Please do keep in mind that this is only applicable to monthly subscribers and that charges are incurred in the beginning of billing cycles, so if you cancel with a few days remaining, you'll still have access to CACTIVATE's service until the next scheduled cycle.

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